posidyne® eld filter-欧洲杯线上买球

air-eliminating filter designed for 96-hour particle, bacteria and endotoxin retention

product: posidyne® eld filter


inadvertent contamination of infusion solutions can have serious consequences

  • particulate contamination arises from a variety of sources, intrinsically in infusates and equipment or extrinsically due to manipulations.1 particles cause phlebitis on peripheral infusion lines and have serious systemic effects, damaging the lung and solid organs by irritation of the endothelium and by deposition in the microvasculature.
  • microbiological contamination of iv administration systems arises inadvertently due to manipulations . some bacteria can grow rapidly in infusion fluids, increasing the infection risk. 
  • endotoxins have serious effects on the inflammatory and coagulation systems. they are released by gram-negative bacteria and have been shown to penetrate conventional iv filters. only filters that retain endotoxins can safely be used for more than 24 hours.
  • entrained air can arise from infusion solutions degassing, incomplete priming or disconnections. air can be particularly problematic on central lines, leading to air embolism, which can be fatal.



filter media
0.2 µm positively charged nylon posidyne® membrane

filters and tubing extension
non-phthalate, free of natural rubber latex

(approximate) length = 6.9 cm width = 3.6 cm depth = 0.7 cm

male luer lock outlet and female luer lock inlet

filter housing volume
approximately 2 ml


sterile and non-pyrogenic fluid pathway

maximum flow rate***
variants with standard bore extension tubing: approximately 21-23 ml/min eld96nys approximately 35 ml/min variants with microbore extension tubing: approximately 13-14 ml/min eld96ny approximately 18.5 ml/min

maximum working pressure
1500 mm hg (approximately 30 psi, 2 bar)

usage specifications
single patient use up to 96 hours can be used with continuous infusions or intermittent infusions/injections


***tested under gravity with 0.9% saline solution at 1 m head height.



  • removes particles
  • retains microorganisms and associated endotoxins
  • eliminates air non-phthalate fluid pathway
  • slim housing profile



  • protects patients against particlerelated risks
  • 96-hour life on filter and set reduces cost of iv therapy and minimizes nursing time and set manipulations
  • minimizes air emboli
  • suitable for paclitaxel delivery
  • simple to tape in place