introducing coralon™ filter elements-欧洲杯线上买球

the direct replacement for current ultipor® filter installations.

upgrade to the most advanced oil filter media available for lube and hydraulic fluid applications: 

  • pall's premium srt (stress resistant technology) filter media - at no extra cost
  • improved performance from your existing filter installations, regardless of age or condition.
  • improved filter life means fewer element changes
  • improved fluid operating conditions to increase equipment output
  • extended system fluid life, saving you time and money (fewer fluid changes and lower oil disposal costs)

differentiated performance!

in challenging trials coralon filters produced up to 15x cleaner fluids and 16x more consistent performance throughout the filter’s service life -- returning up to 20% savings in the overall cost of filtration 




start protecting your fluid system as you mean to carry on!


critically, coralon filter performance is consistent throughout the full life of the filter. there’s no drop in filter performance or efficiency (which you will experience in other designs) until it is blocked. blocked is actually a good thing! it means the contamination destroying your equipment is now in the filter rather than in your machines.


upgrading to coralon filters is simple and risk free - it’s a no brainer!

  • directly interchangeable
  • no adapters required
  • no special tooling required
  • no change in filter price


prove it!


we’ve done the tests. the results are clear. while all filters provide good fluid cleanliness early in service life, only coralon filters produce sustained fluid cleanliness over the life of the filter. 


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