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activated carbon removal from distilled spirits

many distillers will add activated carbon or use columns packed with activated carbon for adjustment of off-color, odor and taste, post-distillation. pall recommends the use of trap filters after these treatments to reduce particulate loading and remove loose material that can bleed downstream. trap filtration aids in increasing the efficiency of downstream processing steps and life of subsequent filtration stages.   


with its tapered pore construction, the profile® ii filter cartridge is ideal for trapping carbon particles that can vary in size and frequency of release. alternatively, the precart ppii filter provides a pleated depth filter option with the capability of backflushing for higher total throughput.


for high flow applications, pall also makes large-diameter filter solutions utilizing the same high-efficiency filter media found in profile ii filters. the ultipleat® high flow filter elements with profile up media and the profile coreless filter provide cost savings benefits including quick cartridge change-outs, simple handling, and low investment and operating costs. with reduced plastic hardware and less water or alcohol needed for rinsing and cleaning, these filters provide sustainable low-waste solutions in line with the conservation programs in place at many distilleries.

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